Salsa Twins
Russia & uk - based dance and entertainment team
We are one of the leading entertainers & dance team in the industry. We organise and provide the best in entertainment for weddings, corporate events, private parties, dance holidays and festivals in Russia, England, Cyprus, Greece, UAE and other countries for over 8 years.
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Our Team
The smartest people work every day to make your days brighter.
Deepak Stephen
Founder & Art Director
Deepak is the father of our main goals and values. He oversees dance & events in Russia, Europe, Cyprus and Asia. Deepak is an expert in Martial art and hold diploma in Ayurvedic massages. He focus on creating musicals, choreography, dance events and business development.
Rahul Stephen
Founder & Project Manager
One of the Salsa Twins and founder of the company. He oversees dance & events in UK, US and Middle East region. He is also a Martial artist and an expert in creating choreographies in salsa and other latin social dances.
Sasha Stephen
PR & Marketing Manager
Sasha is a figure behind the scene. She handles everyting - from costumes to marketing strategies, spends hours to make our clients enjoy communication with the company.

We will make you dance cos' this is what you want!

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+7 911 759 55 70
Moscow, Russia
Leeds, UK

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